Team Riders

(Kelley, Robin, Elin) Photo by Lance Smith Photography


Photo by Morgan Chapman Media
     Elin Hendrickson is 12 years old, and a native to Minnesota. She entered her first skate contest, the Twin Cities Open at 3rd Lair Skatepark in Golden Valley, MN at age 5.  With purple hair and a tutu, she was the only female and youngest competitor in the contest.  She has since been influential in the Minnesota female skate scene helping build its popularity with young girls. Elin recently placed 1st in advanced women’s Bowl at the 2022 Twin Cities Open contest, 1st place in Mini Ramp plus 3rd in Bowl girls division at the 2022 King of the Grom’s contest, and 3rd place in Mini Ramp/Park in the female division C.A.S.L video contest.  Elin has also participated and placed 1st in multiple MN Summer Series skate contests in the female division.  
    At age 7, Elin had the opportunity to meet and skate in front of Robin at the X Games Minneapolis 2019. A bond between them was instantly made. Three years later, Elin was chosen to be the first Logan Earth Ski team rider in 40 years. She is so proud to be part of the Logan Family and its history. Follow Elin on Instagram!
Photo by @MorganChapmanMedia



    Born and raised in Carlsbad, CA, Kelley (age 12) loves to skate the local parks in the area, especially Alga Norte. If you want to skate Vert, Bowl, Slalom, Street, Downhill, Skatercross, Mini-ramp, Pump Tracks, and Freestyle, Kelley is ready and loves to SKATE EVERYTHING! So many skaters from teens, skaters from the 70s and 80s who still rip, and so many in between have been RAD to Kelley, given killer guidance, and shared the love of skateboarding. You know who you are! From the team at the Encinitas YMCA in the very beginning to Robin Logan and the Logan Earth Ski family, Kelley has had the best environment and support to continue filling his bag of tricks, he is thankful and TOTALLY STOKED. Follow Kelley on Instagram!

Photo by Dave Weems


Brendan Bush

Sarah Dwin

Koa Bard


Robin Logan Ed Economy Collection, Photo by Perez

    Flashback to Hermosa Beach circa 1965. At the age of 5 Robin Logan began skateboarding on her Roller Derby skateboard. Her older brothers Brian, Bruce and Brad Logan were her inspiration and mentors. It was a family affair with even their mother involved, Barbara Logan aka Mother Earth Ski. The next thing Robin knew she was 14 years old and a professional skateboarder. Her hard work, dedication, or the love for skateboarding did not stop there. Robin has her own model skateboard that is now part of the Smithsonian Museum, she the first woman to complete a kickflip, champion of The Challenge of the Sexes, skated in commercials, traveled to Germany and the South Pacific. Robin was an ambassador for the sport. She retired top in her league and was inducted into the Skateboard Hall of Fame. Today, Robin is the sole owner of Logan Earth Ski and she is so proud to have team riders, Elin and Kelley, part of the Logan Family today.  

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