My Mother Barbara
Mother Earth Ski

…was behind all the success of the Logan’s more then many people realize, besides just giving birth to her children Brian, Bruce, Brad & Robin. In the 1960’s she drove us to all the skateboard competitions when we were young and could not drive yet. She would drive us along with other team members on our skateboard club at the time, South Bay Skateboard Club. Without her doing that we could have not competed. She would be there throughout all of our competitions of the 60’s. She must have taken us to over 50 contests in those early days. She also was involved in making Logan Earth Ski a big success in the 1970’s. When Bruce and I started our company making boards in our backyard in a shed in the early 70’s. In just a few months we out grew the shed so we moved it to a location in Solana Beach and we expanded from there. Barbara was involved from the first day of that location when we went from 50-100 boards a week to over 5000 a week after the move. The pace of growth was unheard of in those days, but that was the way the business went with the top manufacturers of the 70’s. From 50 boards a week to over 1 million in sales in the first 18 months, and my mother and I were running the company, we both made a great team together.

Her expertise was her organizational & bookkeeping skills, people skills and she had many, she really made the business grow. She gained the respect of everyone in the industry from manufacturers to skaters themselves, she was our rock, that is how she got the nickname Mother Earth Ski. She was a mother like figure to our entire team and the Logan Team looked to her as their friend and not just the Logan’s mother. She would take them in anytime and let many of them stay at her house in Leucadia, from Torger to Tony Alva to Laura Thornhill and the entire rest of the team during the week and weekends after and before our skating events. I think that is one reason our skaters liked being with Logan Earth Ski was because of her and the way she treated each of them and the way she handled the business and everything behind the scenes, can you imagine handling this group of wild young skaters let alone her own children! My Mother was a one of a kind and one tough woman raising 4 children all be herself. We all miss her soo much. She passed away on Nov.17th 2007 at the age of 79. God bless Barbara Logan aka Mother Earth Ski the first mother of skateboarding.

………………Brian Logan