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The Logan Earthski Website

I took on the task of helping Brian Logan assemble images and info to make up a historical site for the Logan Earthski legacy in 2009. Both Brian and Brad have been instrumental in making this site a reality. And Brian has taken to becoming more and more active in having his hands in the actual website workings. It looks like early 2012 is going to be the season of sharing Logan memorabilia via this website. To make the site easily update-able, I chose wordpress so that Brian could easily make text modifications and in the event of migration from host to host, wordpress is very portable. As many might know I am a go to web guy for domains, hosting, development, marketing, SEO, shopping-carts and print. Never mind that I’m also of some legendary status for skateboarding too. My job here with the Logans is strictly professional. I am like a little godaddy and the best part is you get me 🙂 My business is www.internet-connect.com . You can reach me at 619 251 5466 . Having problems with your current host or web developer? Who you gonna call? I’m into building sites for the early periods that didn’t have the internet back then let alone color TV. Being from that era, we could build strong informational sites that resurrect the past and place them in the moment to scrutinize, relish, and relive those crazy times.

Chris Yandall

I am continuing to update the site cosmetically in the upcoming months and fine tuning the navigation for the TEAM.
Brian is in total control of 95% of the images on the site along with Brad. If you have pictures of team members or the Logans you’d like to see on the site, submit them to Brian directly. The more high-res the better or web format(72dpi) of at least 300×400(pxl).


Chris Yandall