Brian Logan

Team Manager, Product Developer

There were so many skateboard contests I participated in throughout the 60’s and the 70’s and its something I just did not keep track any of my results. But I can tell you this much in the 60’s we had a lot of team competitions and I competed in everyone of them (You can see these results under my brother Bruce’s page). However there were many individual competitions also and I would many times be in the top 5 but I could never beat my brother Bruce and I don’t think I ever did beat him once in a contest! Even though I was the older brother it never bothered me as I knew he was something special with his skateboarding abilities.

When skateboarding really took off in the 70’s I went from a free styler to a slalom racer at La Costa. In fact I was the first skater to bring any type of slalom cones to La Costa so we could practice slalom. Dennis Shufeldt called these cones the KILLER cones. They were the standard cones you would see at a construction site or street repair, big orange cones with square edges around them. If you hit an edge you would literally fly off your board! Later came more skaters to La Costa and among them came Bob Skolberg, Henry Hester, Tommy Ryan, Mike Williams, Bobby Piercy, Chris Yandall to name a few. These guys started the racing events at La Costa and would bring the new style cones (one’s that moved out of the way on impact). I would compete against these guys all the time but I never won a race but most of the time I was in the top 5. They rode either a G&S, Bahne or a Bobby Turner Summerski board. I was always on a Logan Earth Ski solid wood board. I could never beat these guys that were the best in slalom at that time.

As far as being a top competitor in free style I was a bit too tall to excel at the top along with my brothers and many others. In fact most of the top skaters were shorter in height. My brothers were much shorter than myself, I was 6’1″ and they were around 5’7″. I decided to dedicate my time to running the business on a daily basis along with my Mother. Even though it was a family business I was the majority owner of Logan Earth Ski. I wanted to put together the best Skateboard Team and best boards above all others. Since I was a skater at heart I could relate with most skaters and it came easy for me because I was one of them. So along with the help of other team members I built up the team and gave up competing and ran the day to day operations along with the rock in our company, my mother Barbara. I was only 25 years old at this time but running a business was already in my blood. In fact many of the skaters and manufacturers did not know I was involved with only the skateboard business. In addition, I was involved with another success during this time. When I was 22 I started a surfboard company called Surfing’s New Image with a guy named Donald Takayama one of the bigger names in surfing. We would manufacture 75 custom surfboards a week, which is a lot of boards back then, there was only one manufacturer that was making more boards than us in San Diego and that was Gordon & Smith. So I already had some business experience by the time Bruce and I started Logan Earth Ski, so it came easy and natural. My life changed from a skateboarder to being business man and the rest of the story became history. – by Brian Logan 2-2010